Salsa dance step by step

If you ever felt like wanting to dance salsa, you have no reason to put it off. It is not difficult at all and can be performed by anyone, even without any experience in dancing. Although, you may need to practice a while, to handle the steps with ease.
If you are ready, here is what you need to know about the basic steps of salsa. The following exercises are made to be able to learn salsa solo.

Learning salsa dance step by step

  • As the most basic move of salsa, you will need to start with your left foot, to perform the basic step on-one. You will need to have a straight position, with both of your feet standing in a line, one next to the other. Start with your left foot, by making one step forward . Leave your right foot where it was in the initial position, just raising of the floor for a second, to mark the step, while using your left foot for balance.
  • Then, just take the left foot to put it back .In the initial position, next to your right. This is a three beat step, so count 1-2-3, as shown previously, when making these steps. You will use count no. 4, as a pause.


  • Next, you will have to take your right foot and make one step backward Lean on it and raise your left foot for a second and put it back.
  • And finally, take the right foot and put it back in the initial position.
  • So for this step, you will count 5-6-7. It is a front and backward movement of your feet, as an essential step in salsa.


  • The next step will be the on-two step. With your left foot, raise it and put it back in the same position without going in the front or the back.
  • Take your right foot, and make one step back .
  • Raise your left foot again, while using the right foot as support, and put it back down.
  • Use 4 as a pause, and continue with taking your right foot and putting it back, next to your left one .
  • Now take your left foot and make one step forward .
  • Use the left foot as support and raise your right foot and put it back down .
  • When bringing your left foot back, in the initial position, you can start counting 1 again, and repeat the previous steps.


You cannot complete your salsa dance without a turn. So here is how you do it.

  • Start again from the neutral position, with your legs together.
  • Make one step forward with your left foot .
  • Turn to your right, by using a rotation on your heels, as much as you can without crossing your legs .
  • Bring your left leg, which is now behind you, around you and complete the 360 rotation, to end up in your initial position .
  • Take 4 as a short pause and make one step to the back with your right foot.
  • Lean on the right foot and raise your left foot, placing it back on the floor .
  • Bring your right foot from behind back to its initial position.

These are the basic salsa steps and one rotation, which you can learn for practicing a good salsa dance.

do;rWhat to wear

It is highly recommended to have a comfortable attire when dancing, so that you can move at ease. Ladies can opt for a dress, as long as it is loose.

Gentlemen should wear some loose pants. In the case of pants, it is great to use a pair that does not has a rigid material. You will learn some dan6irytjygce steps, so being flexible and having an increased mobility is the key.

The shoes are very important as well. For women, you can opt for a pair of comfy flats or  dance shoes.

Men can opt for sneakers or any pair of shoes that are comfortable enough.

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